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Division And What It Is To Abide

by Brighter Arrows



released May 1, 2012



all rights reserved
Track Name: Departing
Hands held tight, since we couldn’t grasp your thoughts, words you share.
Fingers laced, I see the ending of your mending care.
And we stare.
We stare.
We stare.
Our belief, as deep as your skin, is broken now, too.
By leaving our shallow sight, you take it with you
And leave (you)s with what is needed to renew.
This is the end of you among (you)s.
Through division, you enter in: two to one.
In your departing, we are more than paired.
This is the end of you among (you)s.
Take care.
Track Name: Severance
We tried.
We tried.
But in seeing, they lied.
Salvation for the empty pockets, empty eyes, now, to fill the faces.
A line was drawn; we became what/ever.
The lines w/e draw; the life w/e sever.
A part becomes pieces of what once was one.
Apart, we become our own division.
And now I see the line between sight and seeing; bl(in)dness and being blind:
To offer it, to lose it.
To have it, to choose it.
And I hold my hate for their lack of vision tightly.
But in sighs too deep for words, someth(in)g bolder, someth(in)g deeper that breathes inside tells me you cried
for the secrets they hide.
Track Name: In Its Wings, A Wind Has Wrapped Them
They hide.
They hide.
“What are you afraid of?
You never had the guts to spill yours, your silenced pain behind once closed doors.
Now opened, w/e see children, once children, never more.
Now w/e know what they bore
And how you wiped your hands on wool garments w/e now tore!”
And the gates press upon us:
they feel closer, now, than you.
Seizing all the breath in me.
I feel their millstones in my chest.
And the gates press upon me too much
For the gates seek to crush your beauty by the softest touch.
Oh, what w/e undermine.
Track Name: Of One Accord
Despite what I see (how they fail to, with eyes hollow from time), I seek to list(in), to the breath inside;
You request the fury in my hands, tightly gripped.
You call me to follow in forgiveness.
And although almost always whispered, I hear your words of life among them.
This is the greatest of mysteries,
And mysteries, mysteries are yours, firmly held.
And your shared words, as such, are meant for receiv(in)g, not grasping.
How can I not follow?
How could I miss our beginning, our start?
How can I not rema(in), walking bl(in)dly from my heart?
This is what it is to abide: to be a part.
Track Name: N
And just as ‘beginning’ is a verb and a noun, you will be:
To form (you)s, not w/e
Holding each others’ hands tight.
You’ll be our beg(in)n(in)g, our asc(in)t, our beg(in)n(in)g to climb.
And if we are to part, then it’s only from time.